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Welcome to the Janesville Bowmen Archery Club!

Welcome to Janesville Bowmen Archery Club

We have an indoor range, outdoor York (practice) range, NFAA field course, Broadhead course, and 3D course all set on 40 beautifully wooded acres.

A closer look at the pavilion and play area

Plus an outdoor picnic area with pavilion and play area with swings, slide, jungle gym.

Field Point Practice Range (York Range)

This is our field fieldpoint only 10 to 80 yard practice range. Our outdoor practice range is available at no cost to all members and a guest at any time (except during scheduled shoot events or classes).  During shoot events this range is open to all competitors.

One of our Rinehart targets on the 3D course

Here is one of our Rinehart 3D targets in station 1 of 30 on the 3D course.

On the 3D course

Several shoot events are scheduled from December through August each year, including Outdoor 3D, Indoor 300, Broadhead and NFAA Field Shoot competitions.

Looking for the heart shot

Our courses offer a wide variety of shot options.

NFAA paper animal target (ram)

 Here is our NFAA field course target station 2 of 14 set up with a paper animal target.

Our indoor range

All kids 12 years and under can use the indoor practice range for free when accompanied by an adult member. Bring a non-member guest, (limit of 2 visits/year) and they pay only $4 per day.

Any gender or age(8+) can enjoy shooting

Beginning Archery Classes are offered for a minimal fee from January through March to anyone who is interested in trying archery (for men, women, children 8 years or older; member or non-member).

Shoveling's good exercise, huh Rusty?

Work hours for each membership (single, additional member or family) per year are required, but more importantly keep our club strong and in great shape.  See how easily this can be done. 

Jr. giving instructions for the Big 3 course

And even the least motivated person can easily acquire work hours.  Fresh air and sunshine...I've got it made, if I could just remember where I put my bow...Hmmmm?

The easiest work hours of all are by attending a board and membership meeting. You receive 1 hour work credit per meeting.

Nice deck with picnic tables

J.B.I has a large outdoor shooting range that is free to shoot year round. This outdoor range also has a large grass area behind the shooting line that can be used to lounge on a blanket/lawnchairs while watching shooters practice.

Indoor 300 Shoot Event

Members can use the indoor range any day of the year, 24 hours a day (except on scheduled indoor shoot event days) for only $2 a day per member.

Broadhead practice range

The broadhead practice range shown here allows shots from 15 yards to 35 yards.

We shoot when it's warm... Yeah, you got it, Todd!

Our 3-D courses are set up to challenge archers. We start out with shorter shot distances in February, and lengthen these distances throughout the 3-D season.

...and we shoot when it's cold. Right, Matt?

On most occasions (barring sever weather conditions) the cold weather doesn't stop us from holding our scheduled 3-D outdoor shoot events.

Strutting turkey

This turkey was shot from inside a blind.

NFAA Field course (paper animal target round)

In the picture to the left you can see we also challenge ourselves outdoors on paper targets. In this picture you can see that the field targets are at much greater distances.

Good Shot!

A happy beginning archer and instructor. It took a few trys as Chuck helped Morgan get her first bullseye. Her reaction speaks for itself. Great Job done by both.

At the shooting line

A safety oriented and fun-filled class makes for an enjoyable experience.

Shoot Event kitchen crew

Simple chores around the clubhouse make work hours add up very fast.  Here Todd and Dave enjoy serving food and talking with the Big 3 shooters.

Shooter Registration

Any JBI board member or officer can sign your membership card to record any work hours that you accumulate.  Even the kids are able to help out with a family membership.

Also, if you are or become a member of the Wisconsin Bowhunters organization you will receive 3 work hour credits.

Our Mission: To Promote, Expand and Encourage Safe and Ethical Archery