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 Good luck Archers!

May 3D Results

April 3D Results

March 2017 Indoor 300

Feb. Indoor 300 Results

Dec 2016 Indoor 3D

June 2016 Outdoor 3D

May 2016 Outdoor 3D Results

April 2016 Outdoor 3D Results

2016 Youth Tournament

December 2015 Indoor 3D Results

July 2015 3D/Field Shoot Results

June 2015 Field Shoot Results

June 2015 3D Shoot Results

May 2015 MAC and club 3D Results

April 2015 Field and 3D Shoot Results

2015 Youth Tournament Results

March 2015 Indoor 300 Shoot Results

February 2015 Indoor 300 Results

2015 Tri-Star Final Results

December 2014 Indoor 3D Results

Awards are given on a 3-6-9 basis per shooter class.  Free Shoot passes will be sent out to all award earners. All Cubs will receive a medal.